Individual Psychoterapy and Couples Therapy – Kraków

Psychotherapy – individual Kraków

Psychotherapy – individual, group or couples is a process during which you experience yourself. You get to know your strengths, feelings, beliefs that make you struggle. You learn new way of living, relating to others. It’s a time when you can learn about your beliefs and patterns of behavior and consciously decide to change those than don’t work for you anymore. It’s a process in which, through individual, couple or group session you discover your drives, aims, needs and ways of fulfilling them in harmony with yourself. You also learn about your strengths and weaknesses and your ways of coping with difficult moments in life and emotions. During the session you experience acceptance the way you are, with your feelings, views and behaviours which helps you to make changes in harmony with yourself

Couples therapy Kraków

The aim of individual psychotherapy is not only overcoming the sources of disorders and emotional problems but also giving support, personal growth and greater self-consciousness. During the process you discover your patterns of behavior, boundaries, you learn to be assertive. You get to know how to fulfill your needs in an optimal way, what causes your emotions and how to express them. Gestalt psychotherapy helps you to live fuller, more satisfying life, give and take in harmony with yourself.

The role of the therapist

During the process of getting to know and accept yourself I assist you on every stage of your work. I offer support in difficult moments as well as help in finding your strengths, solutions, in recognizing and experiencing emotions, fulfilling needs. I help you experience yourself the way you really are and I explain the changes happening during the psychotherapy process. The effect of psychotherapy is fuller life in harmony with yourself, building ability of consciously fulfilling your needs and being in a satisfying relationship. Contact us – psychoterapia Centrum Wsparcia i Rozwoju Róża, Kraków