mgr Ewa Kopcinska

mgr Ewa Kopcinska

mgr Ewa Kopcinska

Psychotherapist in individual therapy with adults
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I am a Gestalt psychotherapist in training at the Krakow Gestalt Institute, which is accredited by both EAGT (the European Association for Gestalt Therapists) and EAP (European Association of Psychotherapists). In order to maintain appropriate quality of support, I am also in the process of completing my post-graduate degree in Psychological support & crisis intervention at WSE (part of SWPS in Krakow).

I work with adults, and my therapeutic work is under continual supervision. I also continue to develop my skills by taking part in Gestalt workshops and therapeutic trainings, led by world-renowned Gestaltists.

I’ve been long fascinated in Gestalt due to its holistic view and phenomenological approach to the client. Its basics are fully aligned with my personal values i.e. authenticity, mindfulness and curiosity about what comes up. When working, I look at the client as at a full entity, staying open to what they express through their words, their body movements, at how they make contact and interact with their surroundings. During the therapeutic session I offer my empathy and acceptance. The key aspects of a therapeutic relationship are dialogue and building trust-based contact.

Price List

There is possibility of online session after prior payment to the account, and after sending the confirmation of the transfer on emil Centrum Psychoterapii Róża 37 1140 2004 0000 3002 7820 3845 IBAN : PL37 1140 2004 0000 3002 7820 3845

If you fail to come for the booked session, your payment shall not be reimbursed. The first payment is non refundable

170 zł individual psychotherapy for adults

170 zł individual psychotherapy for adults online