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mgr Katarzyna Kosmała

mgr Katarzyna Kosmała

Specializes in individual therapy with adults
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I graduated with a psychology degree from the University of Silesia in Katowice (I majored in clinical psychology). I finished a Gestalt Counseling School in Kraków, where I obtained a Gestalt Counseling Specialist diploma. I am a co-trainee in the Interpersonal Skills and Basics of Helping Course at the Gestalt Counseling Center, and I cooperate in the organization of Gestalt Summer and Winter Camps for children and adolescents. I am currently attending the School of Psychotherapy at the Gestalt Institute. I subject my work to supervision.

The Gestalt method, which I use in my work with my clients, has been important to me for a while now. It embodies the values that are crucial to me: authenticity, awareness, self-acceptance. I focus on treating myself and others in a holistic way, making space for thoughts, emotions and body. I try to be aware of everything that surrounds me. I focus on the present, rather than dwell on the past or project the future.

I have always been interested in people. I tend to ask them fundamental questions, such as `` who are you``, ``how did you get here``, ``what made you, who you are now``.

In my work I try to create a space where clients can, safely and with my attentive support, experience and get to know themselves better. By working with what inhibits the natural flow and self-expression, I assist them in discovering what it means to ``be alive`` for them.

I know from experience that a relationship with a therapist, based on trust, can help a person get through painful moments in life. I believe that experiencing the emotions to the fullest, makes it easier to take responsibility for your own choices and your life.

I have been practicing Zen meditation for 14 years. For many years I have also run a vegetarian restaurant. I love cinema and Japanese cuisine. I live in Kraków, with my partner, a dog and a cat.

Price List

170 zł individual psychotherapy for adults

170 zł individual psychotherapy for adults online

200 zł first consultation - individual psychotherapy for adults

200 zł first conslutation - individual psychotherapy for adults online